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6 Tips for Keeping Fit During Ramadan

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Ramadan is a perfect opportunity to make significant changes to your fitness and well-being. The good news is that it is possible to fast, stay fit and even continue your regular workout during this time.

It's important to look after yourself and stay healthy during Ramadan. Here’s our 6 tips for keeping fit during this Holy Month.

  • When we are hungry and looking to break our fast we need to be careful. If it comes to iftar, a greasy plate of food in front of us will be an easier option than cooking. So plan your meals to avoid slipping up with low-value food to stay on track with your targets

Ramadan is an ideal time to work on your weak points. Focus on mobility, posture and improving exercise technique. Revise your training programme. Keep yourself on track. Focus on strength exercises to maintain your muscle mass — trying to increase it during fasting is nearly impossible. Stay focused. Excessive cardio is not advisable, as it will slow down your metabolic rate, meaning that if you do binge in the evening it can cause weight gain

Get your hydration and nutrition right. Wake up earlier to have a quick protein-based meal before fasting starts. Make sure to have at least two large glasses of water and a good healthy meal at this time. On breaking fast at sunset, rehydrate and have something small — some protein, some low glycaemic carbs then train. You can follow this with a bigger meal. With your second and larger meal after training, it can be protein shakes/carbs as well as protein

How fasting affects the body - Fasting radically alters the diet. Meals are limited to the morning and evening, causing the body's metabolism to slow. Some may experience discomfort during the day. However, good health can be maintained by consuming adequate nutrients during meals. Some studies show that people who fast on regular basis lower their risk of contracting coronary disease. Other studies show metabolic reactions change and lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels and decrease blood sugar levels.

Treat fasting as a nutritional revamp. Introduce new sources of food into your diet during the month. This time can actually be massively beneficial to the nutritional aspect of your life — if you can’t eat anything during the day then you’re three quarters of the way to quitting a negative food. Try to eliminate sugar, junk, caffeine, fried food, soft drinks. It’s a great period to change your bad habits.

  • Keep Your Workout Duration Tight - Get in and out of the gym in under one hour – preferably aim for 45 minutes of workout. If you normally take much longer, you can still get a lot of workouts done in 45 minutes

The discipline of Ramadan doesn’t need to prevent proper nutrition, supplementation and exercise. Yes, it will be challe

nging and require both discipline and moderation, but that is obviously what part of the whole process is about.

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